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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MEOW on my braces? O_o

What the heck is that??
My ortho just told me she's gonna have me fitted for MEOW, to be installed by her partner Doc Rico this Saturday afternoon. I asked why he had to do it when she's the one I paid for the braces. She answered that her specialty is to distalize while his is MEOW. She tried to explain that it's a kind of wire that would help my overcrowded lower teeth move away from each other. She even showed me this weird wire that's shaped geometrically into strange squarish loops:

Ok, that's not as exact as it looked but it's the best I could do :p I tried Googling for more info about it but I couldn't find anything. I even asked a dear friend (hi Ron) and he wasn't sure himself, guessing it's a brand or something.
*sigh* so that means no Toy Con for me this year :( because I'm going to have to be in Laguna to get this MEOW thing, whatever that is.

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