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Monday, April 28, 2008

Laguna Weekend

I left for Laguna Saturday morning, hopping onto a Batangas-Lipa bus to transfer to a jeep when I reach Jollibee Sto. Tomas. I could easily walk home from a jeep stop but my family insisted they pick me up :) Kuya Epy came along pretty quick and I rode in his motorcycle. I rested and ate a bit before going to the dentist to get my braces adjusted.

My usual dentist was unavailable so there was a substitute. If my ligature didn't snap I would have waited another week :p He resolved the poking wire at my upper right molar band, saying it grew longer midway because my upper teeth have moved. Unfortunately the poking wire in my lower molar band is still puncturing my poor tongue :( Now I'll have to wait another three weeks before I could have it seen to T_T my only consolation was the gold colored ligatures look pretty, and the adjustment doesn't hurt at all (I hope it's due less to the sub's incompetence and more to my growing theshold of pain).

I spent the rest of the weekend watching DVDs, playing DS(accidentally deleted Professor Layton sorry T_T) and watching the three babies dance to Sesame Street. I saw Achi's Noble Pink DS bought in Singapore, and I had my nails done by my lil sis. My toe nails are now Hello Kitty pink lol! Dad and mom also did some reflexology they learned at the seminars they were given ^^

Ok, enough randomness hehe :) I'm now back in Manila and will be staying here until I go back for braces adjustment on May 17.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wanted: Flash Programmer

Matahari Studios (Philippines)

For over four decades LAI Games has been a leading player in the entertainment industry. Our company manufactures and sells a variety of arcade-based games, and we also operate the highly successful Timezone Family Entertainment Centers. With more than 500 locations throughout the region, we are poised for significant growth.

Matahari Studios is the software development group for Timezone arcades, and we must expand aggressively to meet our customer’s demand. We are now building a studio in Manila, and we invite those with a talent and passion for game development to join our ranks.

Flash Programmer / Developer (Games)

The ideal candidate would have previous experience working in an interactive entertainment or software development environment, and have the ability to design, plan, and program Flash games. The candidate must exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong team working ability, a solid understanding of the software development process, and a high level of understanding towards game technology.


Ø Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science/Information Technology, Business Studies/Administration/Management, Art & Design, Advertising/Media or equivalent or equivalent

Ø Minimum 2 years experience working in Flash and Actionscript is required.

Ø Required skill(s): Demonstrable skills in Flash, Object-Oriented Actionscript Development, Photoshop

Ø Preferred skill(s): XML, Knowledge of shared libraries and working knowledge of component type development, Design Patterns

Ø Required language(s): English

Ø Applicants must be willing to work in Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Ø Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status

Ø Applicants must have a portfolio of work accomplished

Must play games regularly, understand how they work, and enjoy making games for a living!

While we seek all levels of talent, to be considered for the more senior positions you must bring with you previous experience in the development of interactive entertainment, software development, or related discipline.

We highly encourage you to write us a cover letter that explains to us:

Ø Your perception of the responsibilities and duties of the position for which you are applying

Ø Your perception of the skills and qualifications that would make a good candidate; what would you need to know to do well

Ø What is your interest in a game development company; what games do you play

Ø If you do not possess any past game development experience, how have your previous positions prepared you to take on such a new role; what is it about your background that matches these requirements

Please send your cover letter and CV to:


Monday, April 14, 2008

DotA mayhem

My officemates and I finally won against AI! I played as Mirana Nightshade because (of course) of the white tiger XD

Now to work on defeating the Normal AI... -_-;;

Thursday, April 03, 2008

goodbye and thank you Mina

Miker told me last night that he and Ranulf were going to Sanctuarium for Mina's wake. This took me by surprise, and I decided to go with them. We went there and wrote in the guestbook relaying messages from more friends in different communities who wished to extend their condolences. She died of breast cancer. I think she was 42 (I'll try to confirm this). You may visit Sanctuarium, third floor. We easily found it because there was a huge arrangement of flowers with the indicating that it's from the Animation Council of the Philippines.

You have touched so many lives Mina :) thank you for bringing together all the creative people in every community.