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Monday, April 28, 2008

Laguna Weekend

I left for Laguna Saturday morning, hopping onto a Batangas-Lipa bus to transfer to a jeep when I reach Jollibee Sto. Tomas. I could easily walk home from a jeep stop but my family insisted they pick me up :) Kuya Epy came along pretty quick and I rode in his motorcycle. I rested and ate a bit before going to the dentist to get my braces adjusted.

My usual dentist was unavailable so there was a substitute. If my ligature didn't snap I would have waited another week :p He resolved the poking wire at my upper right molar band, saying it grew longer midway because my upper teeth have moved. Unfortunately the poking wire in my lower molar band is still puncturing my poor tongue :( Now I'll have to wait another three weeks before I could have it seen to T_T my only consolation was the gold colored ligatures look pretty, and the adjustment doesn't hurt at all (I hope it's due less to the sub's incompetence and more to my growing theshold of pain).

I spent the rest of the weekend watching DVDs, playing DS(accidentally deleted Professor Layton sorry T_T) and watching the three babies dance to Sesame Street. I saw Achi's Noble Pink DS bought in Singapore, and I had my nails done by my lil sis. My toe nails are now Hello Kitty pink lol! Dad and mom also did some reflexology they learned at the seminars they were given ^^

Ok, enough randomness hehe :) I'm now back in Manila and will be staying here until I go back for braces adjustment on May 17.

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