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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my cosplay 2012

moe moe kyun!
Cosplay, much as I enjoy it, is not getting much of a budget this year. Thanks to me being in a weird career limbo due to certain circumstances, with much of my savings having gone to Maya classes, family contributions and wedding preparations.

So yes, I'll be cosplaying Mio Akiyama of the K-On! series.

I'm growing my hair out for the wedding after which I plan to have it straightened and maybe get a hime cut.

The uniform (navy blazer, white shirt, blue ribbon, grey skirt and shoes) I already have from my previous Tsumugi cosplay. And I think I already have black socks lying around somewhere.


~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Glad to see you post again Jac! I myself, am missing cosplay too. :) But I don't have time yet waaaah.

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Nice to see you post again, Jac! I myself am missing cosplay. I dun have the time yet waaah!