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Thursday, July 09, 2015

PRC Initial Registration for New Architects: How it should be done

STEP 0: Preparation

 1) Prepare the following: 

  • duly accomplished Oath Form (with 1 photo already PASTED on) 
  • current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
  • extra 1 passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag) 
  • short brown envelope with name and profession
  • Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2015-2018, P42 (EXACT! They don't have enough change) for 2 sets of metered documentary stamps, P700 for UAP-IAPOA Membership Fee, and P2 for photocopy of UAP-IAPOA Membership Fee O.R.

 2) On the day of registration, get your O.R. of membership from UAP-IAPOA at address 929 Consuelo Bldg, Room 307, Morayta, Manila. Pay P700. They will also give you a short brown envelope containing their brochure and a ribbon medal to wear to the Oath Taking ceremony. Speaking of which...

You may also buy Oath Taking ceremony tickets there at P1200 per head (plus optional P350 exclusive photographer fees) if you do not wish to wait until the day of the ceremony itself to buy them.

3) Photocopy O.R. of membership from UAP-IAPOA across PRC (because the one inside recently broke down). Pay P2.

4) Buy 2 sets of metered documentary stamps inside PRC, right by the entrance. Pay P42. Put the other metered documentary stamp in your short brown envelope along with  your 1 extra photo. Go on to the Main Bldg. Ground Floor.

STEP 1: Verification

 1) Queue at Window 11/12 in PRC Main Bldg, Ground Floor. Submit Oath Form and O.R. photocopy. They will staple them together.

 2) Sit down somewhere and wait until they call you. Receive Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card (PERRC) along with stapled Oath Form.

 STEP 2: Payment

 1) Queue at Window 1/2. Submit stapled Oath Form and PERRC. Pay P1050.

 STEP 3: License Form

 1) Queue at Window 8/9Write in black ink details at the back of PERRC such as amount, date registered, etc. Submit PERRC face down. 

 2) Sit down somewhere and wait until they call you. Receive printout with license number. Stamp right thumbprint.

 STEP 4: Finishing

 1) Sit down in front of Window 10/11 and change seats as the queue moves. Signed 3 specimen signatures and write on short brown envelope your license number while waiting and changing seats. Approach an available Window as soon as it's your turn. 

 2) Submit short brown envelope (containing unpasted metered documentary stamp and 1 extra photo), stapled Oath Form, PERRC, and printout. Receive Claim stub.

DONE. See you at the Oath Taking! :D

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