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Sunday, April 18, 2004

as for that anito fan art, i still have to draw the background and the villains surrounding them, rebels perhaps, but I think I'll enjoy drawing maranhigs more ;) And I'm still waiting for some friends in Anino Entertainment to send me their Tinio design because I still want to draw Tinio putting tattoos on Maya (ooooh!;). I hope it isn't too much trouble for them.

Woohoo! I got to visit Digitraxx! A most impressive sound recording booth located in Makati. Its owner Rico is very helpful, and offered to get the contractor's number for me so I could contact him and learn more about how to make and use diffusers and such.

And this time, I did NOT forget to buy Trakk #2. So wala na akong atraso kay Mico hehehe! Now, to stalk him until he autographs my copy! ;D I also bought the latest issue of Culture Crash, where I'm happy to find my name and indie mentioned along with Ariel Atienza as caricature artists of last sci fi con :)

As for Gabriela history, I guess I'll have to research on good ol' Google :p

Working on a strip called Riot Grrlz, layouting and coloring stage of Strip 4, panel 1, to be exact. The reason I got online now is to learn how to make wood grain in photoshop hehe! I hope to finish all 6 strips soon :) at least I got the revised scripts approved :)

I also have to work on 6 strips of Sandbox, same format as Riot Grrlz.

Dad finished building my light table! Wow! He's really fast :) I'm lucky to have a cool dad who loves woodworking. I'm hoping to have it placed in the third floor of our house, where I decided to have my workstation, because the PC is close to our bedroom(so we can Net for free on the off hours ;).

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