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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i'm rushing to finish a fanart of Agila and Maya! Ack! Hope I finish them on time! So far I've finished Agila, but I wanted to draw Maya as Cathy cosplayed her :)

I also need office plans to build a small voice recording booth in it ;)

I also need to remember to buy Trakk 2, preferably with a Philip Tan cover, because it's drawn by Mico Suayan! Wheeeeeeee! Congrats pare! Habol na lang ako nyeheheh! And also drop off my indies for consignment, because people wanted to buy again. Wheee!

I also hope to meet up with Jawbreaker girl Claire Villacorta to get some Gabriela history/materials for a pin-up I'll be doing for Siglo 2 :)

Then in Tandang Sora I hope to wall climb again and also check out a sound booth that uses foam instead of gypsum board, called Sound Creations, owned by a Japanese guy named Shinji. I hope I can find it :p

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