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Thursday, July 28, 2005



Click here to view the strip WITH MUSIC!

Featuring Elbert Or as El Drayber, the Gym Clinic Nurse ;) Check out his webcomic elbert and camy!


Jennie said...

Uh-oh! Hahaha!

Ganyan ba talagang ka-cute si Elbert or is it just your drawing prowess? :p

camille said...

hi jac!

i look so so dashing with that yellow star clip....

i have to agree that he does look verrrrrryyyyy cute here...


*goes to look for wuvy*

Kel said...

Woot! This is awesome!

Rey said...

You're becoming better and better, Jac. I've been visiting this blog but it's just now that i've posted a comment. Dayjob, what can i say?

keep up the good work.

Dark Knight said...

hehe aliw, jac...ako kaya, kelan mo ko igi-guest sa strip mo? :p

Elbert said...

Haha! Jennie, it's just Jac's drawing process! I'm nowhere near as dashing! :)

(I'm nowhere near as tall!)

Jac said...

jennie- wag ka maniwala kay elbert! those two are the ka-yoo-test couple I've seen ;D

camy- glad you like it :D I reserached on Elbert and Camy strips and got the stars idea there

kel- thanks kel!

rey- glad you commented! Whee!

jason- who knows when the girls are gonna go watch your band? ;)

elbert- ok lang yun, maliit lang talaga si Pilya ;D basta! kyut kayo ni camy! ^_^

Rachel said...

I finally posted questions for you in the comments on my blog. Hope they're alright.

eClair said...

Ang cute talaga nina Elbert at Camy! ^_^ Pati dito.

Sino pa ang magakakaroon ng cameo dito sa blog mo? Hehehehe. Si Ron tapos na. Pati si Kel. Isama mo rin si Panda ;) My cute doggie! ^_-

Jac said...

Rachel- Thanks! I'll let you know as soon as I post my answers :D

Claire- Panda? may picture ka for reference? usap tayo sa email... ;)

Jennie said...

Jac, they are a cute couple!

Jac said...

jennie- hee! I couldn't agree more! ^_^