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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

here's my frustratingly slow progress of my first time to draw tight pencils on an 11" by 17":

proposal: April 6 Sunday (after I showed my portfolio to dave campiti, and he suggested I give this harley script a try)

script: April 10 Thursday (i think) ... i couldn't find the script anywhere online, good thing eugene sent me one :) thanks!

layout: April 11 Friday ...made layout of first page after working all day at haribon with jonas :) best co-worker I've ever had so far ;)

April 12 Saturday ...layout second page. I'm afraid I spent too much on this one, for a layout. But I had so much fun I forgot the time.

April 13 Sunday ...Had to rush-finish layouts of pages 2 to 4 to show gerry whom I'll meet with azrael. Got Gerry to sign Tek's Wasted then made helpful comments about my layouts and answered my questions (thanks!). Had fun hanging out with az, gerry and ilyn (gerlyn? ;) even if we just went around the Sampaloc Lake. On foot. Again! ;D

April 14 Monday ...Started pencilling. Took a looooooooong time. To start, I mean. Trying to convince myself I can do this. And making the voice in my head that keeps saying "Why do I bother? I can't do this!" to shut up.

April 15 Tuesday ... finally finished... the harley figure. Still wondering what to do next. voice in head at it again.

April 16 Wednesday ...no drawing done this day. prepared for day swimming. things came up. ended up night swimming. got a good deal of renting a private hot spring-supplied pool with air-con room, kitchen sink, stove, fridge, the works. all for P2,000. from 2pm to 6am the next day. one thing though: the water's too darn hot!!!! i felt like a boiled lobster after! thanks to SPF45 I didn't end up looking like one as well. Whew!

April 17 Thursday ... too...pooped...to...draw... @_@ drove all over laguna after night swimming/boiling for some sort of bisita-iglesia.

April 18 Friday ...finished harley figure (changed the mouth, smile not seductive enough), added frames (figure finally doesn't look like it's floating) and title (surprised myself with the realization that I can do lettering after all, with my good ol' stubbornness)

April 19 Saturday ... jonas came by to lend me books: loomis, how to draw bad guys and girls, and pen and ink drawing. And asterix books which my eyes devoured. all in an hour ;) then finally got back online to check email. got one that said one of my deadlines is now! and i've yet to scan it! let alone negotiate about the prices. gave first bid based on jonas' guess (heheh!).

April 20 Sunday ...got another email from same person asking if i'd charge higher if i color it myself. gave a new price quote and colored the strip. invited jonas over again 'cause i felt i owe him at least a Coke session ;) Started drawing first panel after read-devouring all of jonas' books about drawing. Got so far as a central longshot of harley and an arkham asylum-theme park, drawing what i guess to be arkham asylum at the background.

April 21 Monday ...Added 2 ferris wheels (big and small), and an unfinished rollercoaster (tracks only). Sent colored strip (as you've read below in the previous blog).

April 22 Tuesday ...Papa's birthday! After work, I erased the smaller ferris wheel because i just noticed it distorts the perspective. I redrew(is that the correct form of the 'redraw' in the past tense?) it in a farther shot and what i hope to be a more appropriate scale. then added a riddler booth, a kiddie playhaus, another ride(joker themed, based on Ocean Park's 'Clown A Round') and a carousel with 2 mystery characters ;) riding in it. Also added an old couple, a boykid, and two more mystery characters(a girl kid and a girl) on the other side. hint: the last two mystery characters have the same name, and may be the same person!

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