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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I finally finished the first panel! And just minutes later gerry came along! serendipity or what? ;) he said it's ok(I corrected the middle object as jonas suggested), and that I could proceed to the second panel.

My cold (or SARS as some of my friends affectionately refer to it) is on its way out and is looking for a new host (hahahahahah!). The nergy transfer still works, thank God. And I think I'm a bit happy that my weirdness is lot weaker now. I do less damage that way. I remember back in college when everyone knows about my weirdness by being my patients, a classmate came up to me and handed me a pamphlet titled "The evils of witchcraft" and told me "not to lose hope, I can still be saved". that was priceless. But I decided to lie low since then. I was having so many patients I got too tired to keep up with schoolwork. And when I'm really tired I accidentally get someone's else's energy just by touching them (yeah, how Rogue can you get?) so i sometimes end up in trouble. I'm just glad i don't live in old-times Salem or anything. I tried explaining the science of it again and again but they still find it weird. i gave up eventually and reserved my services exclusively to my family.

excuse me, I'm babbling ;)

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