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Friday, July 11, 2003

SOBE Night

As we did the last cycle of our laundry, Beya had this bright idea to go to Sobe. She's been wanting to go there way before, like since it opened, but we never got around to it. So i guess after wanwan's been going there so often the Sobe people practically knows her, only now have thought about going there ourselves.

As usual whenever we have a 'family outing', we were bickering like hell while we prepared to go.

"I don't feel like going!"
"I'm hungry!"
"Change your outfit!"
"Your fashion sense sucks!"
"Like hell you're wearing those shoes with that blouse!"
"Like hell YOU"RE going out dressed half-covered like that!"

It didn't reach to the point where we'd bust out our kungfu half naked, but it did reach to the point that one of us walked out and dressed back to houseclothes because of all the arguing. But I talked her out of it and eventually we were out the door. I was actually the one who doesn't feel like going, but I realized Beya wants to at least see inside Sobe. And honestly, so do I. So we went.

We got there joking around that she should start working in Sobe because she hangs out there so often. The reason I didn't feel like going was because I was hungry and i thought they're only gonna try the booze. I was happy when I heard we're trying out the food there. Wan kept raving about the sisig. She said it's tastes so good because it tastes jut like the sisig she cooks herself. When I said I don't eat sisig they just said, "You will."

Being the adventurous girl that I am, I was relieved when Beya ordered some tenderloin tips, "just in case". She ordered iced tea. Wan ordered San Mig Lite for us. When the food came after the booze, Wan set herself to work 'improving' the sisig, then made sure to put some of her finished masterpiece onto my plate. I managed to eat it when I combine it with the steak. And of course, she's happy I tried it, because I rarely try out new food. I just said it's because she 'made' it.

And of course by the time we got to the second round of San Mig Light, we started talking about... stuff. About how Wan is enjoying being a single girl, and Beya worrying about being a single parent, and their worrying about me being single until I'm all old and wrinkly. That is, if I ever live that long.

We congratulated was for her re-entry to freedom, then reassured Beya that Mikko will have a father figure when he needs one. Then they busted my balls (er, well, if i have any) for being so damn grouchy and deliberately making myself look uglier and more masculine. They resolved to wanwan taking me shopping. I honestly would rather spend my hard-earned money to PC upgrades than on those flimsy pieces of fabrics they insist I wear, but they won't hear of it.

We also ordered nachos because I love salsa. As the plates and booze piled onto our table, us three girls reassured each other that we'll take home anything that we can't eat anymore.

We must be really hungry doing the laundry and stuff: we cleaned our plates. mamy would have been proud. We asked for the bill. They asked me how much money I brought. Wan said she has a hundred. I said "Almost a hundred." They both fell off their seats (um, not literally, it would be embarassing if it were) and looked at me suspiciously when I put away my plate to make space for all the food.

"Whew! I thought you're gonna go to the kitchen!"
"Oh sure, like I'm gonna put on an apron and say 'Whaaaaat? You expect me to pay for that overpriced shit?"
"You try that and I can never be able to show my face here again!"

When the bill came I handed over a P500 from my secret stash (no, I'm NOT gonna tell you if it's hidden inside my bra. Besides, I wasn't wearing one at the time) and they were relieved. Beya gave me P300 to shoulder almost half the bill, then took care of the rest. We're home by 11pm and we told mamy all about it. Wan promised to take her there next time, since she loves trying out new resturants.

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