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Saturday, July 12, 2003

We went shopping for groceries at the South Supermarket. There I saw some ballpools for sale. Remembering the time Beya told us about how Mikko loved playing in it once, I pointed it out to her. Eventually she had me take it down from the display. When we set it down to the floor Mikko immediately climbed in and settled himself inside. There was only one ball out that time, but he kept doing his loud babytalk(whenever he's really excited) and kept tossing that ball, smiling to everyone who looks in.

So yeah, she bought that overpriced sh-.. ahem, toy. Mikko looked devastated when he saw the assistant put it away in a box and left. the rest of the time as we punched it out in at the cashier Mikko was unusually quiet and subdued, in contrast to his previous hyperactivity. Before he saw the ballpool he was walking all over the grocery, even insisting to enter the warehouse parts! Of course, in the process he's making everyone melt: "Awww! Look! Baby!!! What's your name widdle..?"

Yep, he was even quiet on the way home. So we decided to set up the ballpool when we got to the sala. As soon as mikko saw the pool he kept chasing Beya even she's barely starting to set it up. it was a funny scene watching them go round and round the sala with beya clutching the Pool. Eventually we set it up. He climbed in. And we poured in the balls. he was sitting there squealing at maximum volume throwing all these balls in the air.

When he paused to rest, we suggested maybe he needs a playmate inside.
"Like hell I'm going in there! I'm too frickin' tall!"
"Well, who's the next youngest ampng us?"
"Hey Wan! Get in there!"
"Very funny!"

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