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Friday, April 08, 2005

Chalk Jac Chenes

My boss, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, his hair's kinda blonde and he wears purple(which he insists are BLUE) shades over his spectacles. We had this actual conversation just minutes ago about my bikini contest.

Keep voting people! I'm now in the TOP FOUR! Whee! When(positive thinking ;) I win the Texter's Choice awards (ok, so I just need a THOUSAND more votes), I'm gonna post another pic. A bigger one ;)

My dad's coming home from China! Whee! He's gonna help support me in the contest :D


Dark Knight said...

hehe nice one :)

Marcelle said...

Hey there! Marcelle here.

Ranulf said that? Why am I not surprised? :P

Clayton said...

what an interesting blog this is

Arashi-KIshu said...

Go Jac go!

Jac said...

jason- halaa! Nabasa daw ni bosing! nyahaha!

marcelle- welcome to my blog!

clayton- glad you found it :D

arashi-kishu- thanks!

Dark Knight said...

anu yung nabasa ni bosing? yung comment ko? hehe :)

Jac said...

yung comic :) hindi daw purple shades nya. Blue.