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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thanks for Voting

To all of you out there waiting for my bikini pictures here they are!

Consider this as my way of thanking everyone who voted for me :)

One thing, though. I am not posting the pictures as a favor to you, Lyndon. We are not friends.

How can you even think we’re friends after you called me a “slut”, a “bimbo”, a “good for nothing who’ll never get any where”, and oh yeah…a “talentless hack”. Don’t think I don’t know who some of my so-called “fans” are.

And if that wasn’t enough, you scare me with threats so I’d keep silent.

Now, without even a formal apology, you vote for me in the contest, make a comic strip, and expect everything to be fine?

No, we are not friends.


Arashi-KIshu said...

Hooray! Go get him girl! Kick his ass into oblivion in the name of all girls who have been wronged!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

You know, I've known Jac for many many years now I can definitely say that she's none of the things she was so rudely described above. Quite the opposite in fact. I still remember all those phone conversations a long time ago when all these things happened and I got really angered by those who had hurt this girl that deeply. You really hurt her badly, dude. I'm glad that this is now finally in the open and this is your chance to deal with it and do right by her. You know the honorable thing to do.

Ilyn said...

Go Jac! Only weaklings and insecure men say those things to lift themselves up , at your expense unfortunately, as if they always have something to prove. Ano kaya yun?

And yes, I do believe you. I know you avoid confrontation like a plague. And for you to say these things in public, this definitely has a lot of credibility.

EvilManLtd said...

Is this the guy bad-mouthing you? http://www.beerkada.tk/

Marcelle said...

The pictures are great, but the preceding message was what caught my attention.

As I have no say in the matter, I can only wish you the best, and the hopefully comforting thought that what goes around, comes around.

Dark Knight said...

congrats uli, jac :p *woooooot*

you go, girl! go, kick his ass! :p

Ed said...
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Ed said...

I remember having conversation with this girl on messanger, and I told her she's one hot, pretty Chi-noy girl. I'm proud to see her progress in comic biz and as becoming a model. May plano ka bang mag-model, Jac? Wag mo kaming iwan at kalimutan.

And oh! I remember, you told me that slut-bimbo story. I was shocked someone said that to you. Tsk-tsk.

Anyway, good luck and congratulations ulit! ;)

Heffer Wolfe said...

ngayon ko lang nabasa 'to. sorry to hear that. nobody deserves to hear those words. ever!

camille said...

i think you have the rare attributes of having beauty, brains and talent all rolled into one...you deserve every success in what you do. you rawk girl!

Dominique said...

Hey, Jac, I'm sad to hear that that fellow said those things to you. Very hurtful, indeed.

On my part, I think you're funny, bright, thoughtful, talented, and deep. I think a lot of people think that way about you, too.

eClair said...

I have met you only once in Ranulf's office/home in Eastwood. You never struck me as any of the mentioned adjectives/nouns. I think you positively rock because you are down to earth and kalog.

Take care!

Clayton said...

wow, too bad photobucket isnt working so I cannot see the pictures right now :(

haring ulan said...

i was going to say i saw you on TV the other day, but after reading what you wrote, DAMN! who is this lyndon dude?

anyway, congratulations on being part of the contest, really cool.

saw your message on my blog, i havent gotten around completely doing my template, but feel free to link away.

take it easy jac, put down the baseball bat!!!

-haring ulan

joisu said...

ate jac! i wish i had the same body as you lol ^_^ congrats!