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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Aww! Late Contest Entry

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Aww! I got this entry just now >_< Gem knows she's late but went ahead with it because she promised she'd join(aww ^_^). I'm posting it here anyway because it's so Pilya-fabulous, late or not! :D


Mike Abundo said...

Man, that looks chilly. Makes you wanna melt the ice. ;)

Jac said...

mike- hahaha natawa naman ako sa comment mo!

Anonymous said...

JAAAC!!! GABE HERE :D! WAAAH!!! Hindi na ako nakasali sa contest :(! Ahuhuhu...oh well, i'll just send you my Pilya outfit anyway ;) (contest or no contest...i just wanna see what i can do with Pilya ;)). Either way, that outfit is icy HOT ;)! Heheh...bagay na bagay for your title character and for the holiday season ^_~! Love ya, Jac :D! Be seeing ya (hopefully soon ;))

azrael said...

uy sumali pala si gem so!

Jac said...

Gabe- waaah sayang nga di kayo nakaabot! hopefully may contest li next time weheheh! miss ya luv ya gabe! PS ganda mo sa party nila Rej a ;D

Azrael- Weeeeh? Kilala mo rin si Gem??? Bakit wala kang sinabi sa akin?! XD