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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Commissioned Nude Portrait

A friend of mine had this lovely idea to give her bf a nude portrait of herself for Christmas. When she asked me if I know anyone who draws nudes, I answered "I don't really know anybody who draws nudes, but I could give it a try."

We found it to be a good idea because we don't have to worry about her getting naked to a total stranger anymore. And I'm a girl! So if any of you girls want a nude portrait done lemme know ^_^ Her boyfriend liked it, btw.

Basically we just met up and went to her apartment because I believe that's where she'd be most comfortable in, given the circumstances. We were really glad we've already been friends since college so that means we're comfortable enough with each not to get self-conscious.

Boy was I wrong.

"So do I take off my clothes now?"

"Um, let's figure out your pose first!"

So we spent the next few minutes figuring out what pose would be ok. I brought my digicam to take pics of her (fully-clothed) in different poses so she can see for herself in the LCD screen how it looks.

Surprisingly, it was a bit trickier than I thought.

I gave up and just asked "Ok, what are you most proud of about yourself?"

"My body, of course!"

Er, she didn't exactly said it that way, but she basically said she's proud of both her assets. So I figured it might require her to twist, which, come to think of it, could be sexy as well!

"Sit down on the bed."

She did, but I interrupted.

"No, face away from me."

I guess she was a little puzzled, but she's quick to figure it out herself. Soon enough we got her turning her face towards me, so her body arched in that cute pose: sitting on the bed, so I could see the length of her back, then I told her to let her feet extend to the right, then turn left to face me.

I snapped a picture and showed her the preview screen. She's ok with it.

"So now do I take off my clothes?"

"Um, yeah."

"Eeee! I'm actually gonna do it! I'm gonna pose naked!"

While I was thinking "Eeee! I'm actually gonna draw somebody naked!"

So yeah, she was nude, then assumed the pose we agreed on, then I snapped the pic. Ok, ok... I snapped more than one, then let her choose the best of the bunch. After she did I deleted the rest, then got ready to leave.

"That's it?"


"I thought..."

"So did I, but now that I have the digicam with me, I figured you don't have to pose naked and (uncomfortably stiff!) for goodness knows how long. Less chances of getting caught, or getting walked in, etc."

I assured her that I would transfer the photo to my personal flash drive and delete it from my digicam before I bring it anywhere to take any more pics. I brought it home and got to work on the hours while every one of my housemates are out. I also explained it to them anyway, so they check first if it was open in my computer before they approach me, so I could close it first. I also put passwords all over the files that were related to the artwork, just to be safe.

She told me I could upload it after she gives the original to her bf, so he would be the first one to see it. Thanks so much! Now I know I can make nude portraits! (thinks) ... but only of girls XD


azrael said...

kita ko na!
ang galeng ah

sana marami pa din magpagawa

ako heto nga e..nagiisip na


Ed said...


Wala lang. :P

Jac said...

azrael- may papagawa kang nude girl portrait? ;) text or email mo lang ako masusunod yan!

ed- whee! wala lang din wehehehe!

de Villa said...

heheheh, I understand how you feel. First time I had to draw someone nude in my art class in my design college I was a bit put off. In a way the instructor told us not to look at the subject as a naked person but rather draw the light, shadows and shapes the body has.

Jac said...

true, true :) It took me awhile but as soon as I got the hang of it it's like I'm drawing my usual stuff again. Besides, she's a wonderful model as well as a very cool person! ^_^