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Monday, January 30, 2006

Belated Happy Chinese New Year

We watched the fireworks right outside our office as the malls arranged for this big Chinese New Year show with Dragon dance. But since we're all busy working, we didn't get to see it. But we onjoyed the fireworks nonetheless :) I hope our American bosses got to see it, since they went on back to their hotel. Hayy... I miss you too, Bebe and babies, as well as the rest of my loving family ;) Happy New Year to you all!

GMA gives holidays for a lot of things, but not on Chinese New Year, hell no ;9


Ed said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Jac. :)


eClair said...

Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^


This is sooo cute :D Thanks for featuring us again =) Panda will have more fangirls =P

(Oooh! I hope that my Panda bebe will find a cute doggie girlfriend now that he's gotten himself on Pilya again!)

Jac said...

ed- thanks ed!

clair- thanks for visiting! ^_^