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Thursday, April 06, 2006

80s Nostalgia

I made this because I remember how I used to draw Rainbow Brite all the time when I was a kid. So I decided to draw her again now, with my own touch ;) I got a lot of comments, most of them requests for more 80s characters!

Lurky- scruffy-zero and boybalasa

Murky- boybalasa

I have nooooo idea how I'm gonna put my own spin on them, but if I can get an art trade of these, why not? ;D

Strawberry Shortcake- eva-guy01

Oh, I'm getting ideas for THIS one thanks to my delightfully naughty friend XD Hey Robert, when are you uploading at the other blog?? ;)

Jem and the Holograms- batangbatugan

OMG! I used to watch this! I even had activity books/coloring books of this! Wilson, art trade? :D hehehe!


Raipo said...

Visionaries! Inhumanoids! G.I. joes! Voltron! Care Beras! Spiral zone! Jayce and the wheeled warriors!

Jac said...

Dami naman!!! XD art trade tayo!

Clayton said...


Jac said...

clay- hi!

anne said...

awwww they are love. rainbow brite and twink are love. >".<

Jac said...

anne- welcome to my blog! I hope you visit again :D

bebe said...

ting! i LOVE rainbow brite!!! :D i guess it's one of our childhood deprivations... ;)

Jac said...

bebe- hehe I remember seeing a doll before, was that Akoa's?