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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My New Deviant ID

I posed topless for my new Deviant ID! Click here and check it out ;D


Mike Abundo said...

Ha ha. Very funny. :P

Ed said...

It reminds me of the drawing I gave you. :D It's lovely, Jac! ;)


Jac said...

Hehehe! Happy April Fools, you guys! Ed, Thanks for that Kabuki portrait, too! I really loved it :D and it's included in the David Mack website! I hope mine gets included too :)

Clayton said...

cruelest april fools joke ever.

Sean said...

I can't tell if the tattoo and mask were actually painted, or if they were added with the retouching. That makes it pretty good, I think.

Jac said...

Clay- ROFL!

Sean- Hehe yeah I guess :D Thanks!