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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Web Comic Wars

Hello guys! This is a blog I opened up with Gem and Sean. You go there and read from the first post. It's like a webcomic which is started and continued by another, picking up where the last one left off. Anyone is welcome to join! Just give me the email address of your blogger account so we can invite you :)

Once you're a member, you can post your own webcomic, starting by introducing your own character which will become part of the story to interact with the characters created by the other Bloggers there.

The one rule that's most obvious is that once you post your chapter, you have to wait for someone else to post their own chapter before you can post again :) The members so far besides us three are Robert Wong, Jennyson Rosero, DarkHalf, and Greco M.


Clayton said...

okay, I'm in

J.A. said...

i'd like to join too. lycan11@yahoo.com

Clayton said...

my comic is done; I will upload later today