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Monday, July 31, 2006

My Blog

The Usual Blogger Stuff

On the top bar you'd see the blog title, description, and Profile. I'm using a default Blogger template right now until I find a blog template that has a white and gold color scheme. Because my BaZi reading said red is a bad color for me because it intensifies my personality, making me emotional, snappy and grumpy. And here I thought it was just dysmenorrhea.

Kidding aside, it gave me an excuse to overhaul my mostly-red look. White could be refreshing for me, and I never disliked the bling of gold ;)

As usual you'll see my posts there, I'm trying to update as much as I can, but my work is more on the drawing table and less on a computer, so I'm not online as much as I want. And please do leave comments on my posts! I promise to reply, and if you have a blog I'll comment there as well :D

You'll also see the Previous Posts as well as the Archive on the sidebar. And oh yeah, the Blogger button.

The Sidebar

Trade Me

I added a few things on the sidebar. At the top is Trade Me, if you click that you'd see how I make money on the side. I do facepainting and caricature gigs in parties and events. And I also sell some independently published books, known as 'indies' for short. They're mostly comics I made. You would also see what I can do for commissions, such as pin-up artworks, covers, traditional paintings, character designs, t-shirts and portraits.

Choose Me

Please click that orange button and vote for me! So far I'm on second place in the humor category! Yay! Uh-oh, that means I gotta put out more comics. Ack! Oh, and I'm 30th now in the general category, which is a huge leap from outside the top 100 :D

Tell Me

Do feel welcome to leave a tag in my Shoutbox. If you leave your URL as well I can check out your website :)

Wish Me

Here you'd see the stuff I'd like to buy. I'm glad my wonderful job is enabling me to save up :D

Play Me

Games I wanna play when I get my laptop (Yay!). Yes, I'm a hopeless geek. And I want to improve my social life? Good luck to me! @.@

Link Me

Add me to your links and I'll add you to my Blogroll. Blogroll lets me know who has recently updated their blogs, which is a huge help because I get dizzy trying to read everyone's blogs when barely any of them actually updates.

Write Me

There you'll see my email address :D Email me and I'll try to reply as fast as I can!

Yan Ang Pinay

That's a logo I designed for Yan Ang Pinay. Click the image and you'll be brought to a website explaining about Filipina empowerment online as well as offline :) And if you want to support online female empowerment, you can definitely place the same image and link in your blog! The link is actually to Clair's post about the online campaign. You may find more links pertaining to Yan Ang Pinay such as this. They also have other images for you to choose from besides the one I made.

Filipino Time

In case you're wondering what time it is in my timezone. If you want to get your own clock for your blog, click the clock ;) (say that five times FAST!)


Yay! I have 5 readers so far :D and I can get more if you would add me to your feeds by clicking on the buttons below that's right for you. I'm using My Yahoo, myself.


I just thought I'd put a counter there to see how fast I get pageviews :) I've set it to unique pageviews.

Extreme Tracking

That little button with the blue sphere lets me know stats about my blog. You can get one too if you want ;)


Clayton said...

ahem. You've been linked by me for a loooong time (under entertainment)

Jac said...

wow thanks! Adding you to my blogroll... :D

basangpanaginip said...

Uy bagong design. Akala ko nga kanina mali yung na-click ko. Ang ganda noong nude portrait na ginawa mo.

Jac said...

glad you like it :) naghahanap pa ako ng magandang blog template design