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Saturday, July 22, 2006

TMNT in Jollibee

A friend asked me the other day hows it feel na nakagawa ng laruan... and I said that the feeling was great... having your imagination actualized... (and knowing that those late nights and stressed out days were all worth it).
So for all you guys who wonder what the heck I've been doing for the past few years in this company... here you go... this is what I do... I think and design stuff like this. Designing not just how it looks outside, but planning on what it's supposed to do.

Bragging rights :) If you ask me which one is my favorite... it's the Michelangelo toy.

They're all amazing toys... get them while you can... as I type... Donatello and Michelangelo is sold out in Jollibee Cubao.
I hope you like them and take care all!

You can check out Gem's blog and see the TMNT toy pics here! She is also a participant of the Web Comic Wars. Check it out and join up ;)


Gem :3 said...

Hey thanks Jac! :D

azrael said...

magkakakilala pala kayo ni Gem so.


na post ko yung tmnt toys sa blog ko after i took photos of it sa poster :) hehheehee

hello kay Gem !!!!

Jac said...

grabe magkakilala pala kayo, az, gem!!! Small world. Walking Friendster ka talaga Az ;)

carmichael said...

hmm meron lang ako is yung Leonardo toy eh. naubusan na ata ako ng iba.

got extras jac? hehe (^^)

Jac said...

naku hehehe ambilis ngang ma-sold out yang mga yan e!