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Thursday, July 27, 2006

whistle while you work

Yaaaaaaay! Thanks to all friends who advised me to take my depression out on work. Our UK client said her most favorite artwork today is the one I drew! She said she even set it as her Desktop Wallpaper!

I'll remember this day (sniff sniff -*tears of joy) for cheering me up when I needed it most. Wheee! :D

As for you, my friends, thanks for letting me know you're there for me. Let's set up a meeting ;) email me!


Dominique said...

Hey, hey, now that's the spirit. New blog template, too. Take care, Jac.

Jac said...

Thanks Dom! :D

Ed said...

Nice to know you're doing okay now.

Jac said...

thanks ed! nice video blogs! I'll upload my own video blog series soon :D