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Friday, January 12, 2007

Pilya Characters

I've been running my webcomic Pilya for so long that I haven't realized until now that I haven't gotten around to making a character page! So I resolved to make one just now, and would probably update this same post right here whenever I need to ^_^

Of course, let's start with:


I originally created this character(and the Jac Strips spinoff altogether) because I wanted to tell more stories beyond from my first-person point of view, and mindset. So this character is supposed to be my antithesis ;) I wanted to go beyond my usual boundaries in comic writing via this series.

But if pressed to name a person Pilya reminded me the most, I'd say it's Arashi :) they share that same 'take-no-bullshit' sassiness that I've always loved with today's independent women. She knows who she is, and damned is the fool who would try to tell her otherwise. I admire her courage to speak her mind and back up her convictions.


Taray is Pilya's gal pal. And (as of the story) they have moved in together as roommates. She's more like the same 'Jac' character from Jac Strips before the spinoff, but I like calling her Taray as much as I like calling the other girl Pilya :) I like how it creates just enough distance and freedom for me to take artistic/creative license in my writing. Same reason for letting Pilya take the main spotlight ;)

So, after all that has been said, I guess I'd let this character be me/my representative :) This character is basically for a more dynamic interaction with Pilya, for they are basically created to contrast in most ways.


If you've read the Pilya series from the start, you'd know that Pilya and Taray are friends who became roomies after the former got evicted out of her flat for being unable to pay the rent due to joblessness. Pilya got herself a job since then working as a stripper, but by then didn't mind the dorm life. Taray got Pilya to work as an aerobic(-'stripping') instructor later on in Ran's gym/dojo, where Taray has been working as a wushu sensei. Ran, besides owning the gym/dojo, also teaches Kenjutsu.

I try my best to ask people for their permission to let me use their likenesses in my comics :) In this case Ranulf agreed to appear in the Pilya webcomic as Da Boss, for at the time he truly was my boss when I was working for his company Slycesoft Inc. So yeah, he does own a company, but it's not really a gym or a dojo... but he did teach me a few things in kenjutsu ^_^


Don't ask me how Ran is convinced that he needed Kel as the marketing officer of his gym. Kel has since suggested to stick to calling the place Ran's Dojo, because it sounds cooler than always having to say gym-slash-dojo ^_^; And thanks to him the employees are finally getting office net(and LAN games). Yay! Kel also seems to have a few plans to make the gym... ok, ok dojo be more visible to the public eye ;)

Ok, if I could get better photos I'd gladly replace these(hint, hint)! I wouldn't mind updating this entry from time to time anyway :) This character is based on Marcelle, whom I met through Ranulf. He worked as a DJ for Wave, he hosts, and he does magic tricks sure to charm your pants off(ok, not literally).

...Ok, that would be all for now :) if you want me to include a writeup for another character that's already appeared a lot in the Pilya webcomic let me know :)


Anonymous said...

has magic ever charmed any girl's pants off? Doubtful. And we won't even talk about yo-yo tricks...

Arashi-KIshu said...

Naiyak ako dun ha...

Jac said...

clay- honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did ;)

arashi- hahaha aww mishu girl ^_^ if you want an updated picture posted email me na lang (same goes to all the other characters)

Clayton said...

I'm not talking about your friend, just magic as a pick up device

Anonymous said...

Magic is remarkably charming as a performance art. As far as I've seen, it only lasts about as far as the introductions. A skilled pick-up man could use that to his advantage, though. :D

Jac said...

clay- hmmm depends on the magician I guess

sean- a skilled pick-up man? heehee

Rey said...

Ang seksi ni Taray!!!!

Jac said...

rey- 'kala ko sasabihin mo 'ang taray ni...!' ...nevermind ;)