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Friday, January 12, 2007

Costumes and Wigs FOR SALE!

From my friend Maiya-Hanazawa:

HELENA (Dead Or Alive 2)

Helena costume and wig pic

Helena costume without the wig

Costume + Ribbon = P1500.00
Platinum Blonde Wig = P1500.00
Boots = Free

= P3000.00


SUZUKA (Angelic Layer)

Suzuka Costume Pic

Costume + Ribbon + Accessories + Boots & Gloves = P3000.00
Black Wig (styled) = P1000.00



ATHENA ASAMIYA (King Of Fighters 2000)

Athena Costume Pic

Costume + Headband (without boots & gloves) = P800.00


MANA (Malice Mizer)

My MANA Costume Pic

Costume + Snazaroo (without boots) = P1000.00



Platinum Blonde (waistlength, straight with bangs) = P1500.00
Light Pink (waistlength, straight with bangs, brand new) = P1600.00
Platinum Silver (knee-length, straight without bangs) = P2400.00

for inquiries, pls email me :) You'll find my email address on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

It'll probably help if we knew what each costume was made of, and whether or not they can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time (say, for the length of an entire cosplay routine).

That is, of course, not to say that I feel any urge to dress up as Athena Asamiya in the near future, mind you...

Jac said...

I think you guys can figure out what each is made of from the pics :) and I also think the costumes can be worn comfortably, for they have all been worn in actual cosplay events, some even repatedly.

Clayton said...

are you a seamstress too?

Jac said...

clay- no, I made the armor parts and props :)

Hazel Chua said...

hope to see more pilya strips updates! ganda ng rendering mo ha! take care!

Jac said...

hazel- aww thanks hazel! I have a few strips thought up. Now all I need is enough time to sit down and draw them all :D

Manurhill said...

Good blog. Salutations from Spain.

Jac said...

thanks for dropping by manurhill :)

Japanese movies said...

for sale pa 2ng mga customes? where po kayo bumili ng mga customes. by the way here's my email: araphoenix@gmail.com