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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On to February

Ack! I wish I could blog more often >_< I've missed so many events! And dammit my blogroll isn't working again! If anone here know a better blogrolling service I'd gladly sign up and switch :)

So basically, I'm busy with work. We'll be practicing when(if? haha) we get slow days again. And I look forward t it. I enjoy practicing ^_^ I hope I could make enough to start updating my online gallery again. I apologise for not being able to get online as much as I want but I really have a few things to chase ;)

Like right now I have to go around Makati to resarch and prepare for my Nachorifico! franchise. I hope to open it by February 15. I hope I could find someplace affordable to live where I can keep a 6-cubic feet refrigerator! Ack! Again, if you guys have answers, let me know. Will give you guys more updates here about my newest venture.

Also, I've been to another photoshoot, this time with Edlin Roguel and his friends from a pinoy photographers' group. I hope I could upload some pics soon. It was fun, I get to pose and play around with a katana. And Markou's pretty cool as a co-model(erm is that the right term? hahaha). If you know people who needs to hire models gimme a heads up.

As for artworks I owe a lot of art trades to a lot of people >_< I wish I could start working on them. And strips too! I'll upload more Pilya strips as soon as I finish 'em. I also received more Pilya fanarts and I will update my sidebar with it, complete with a feature on the fan artist :D Watch out for Hazel Manzano! She'll be my featured fan artist this month.

Also, my weekends were devoted into suiting up as a Yellow Ranger for the Power Rangers SPD Meet and Greet last January. It was hot and stuffy inside that suit but the cute happy kids made me feel good to keep in character every time! Whew, now I know how the Santa Clauses felt when the kids go to them believing they're the real deal.

As for Jac Strips I'll be introducing the Pilya strips there in Smashphone this month too. They'll be publishing the strips beyond mobile. I'll post more info next time.


Rey said...

Woah! Yellow SPD was Fergus' favourite power ranger!

zeroimpact said...

Wow, you have been really busy and the photos are really nice
Hope to hear more of you soon

Jac said...

rey- Cool! I think Z is a fun character :D

zeroimpact- I hope so too hahaha!

Sean said...

Er... I'm probably being really ignorant here, but what makes the Yellow Power Ranger any different from the others? And from which Power Rangers spinoff is this, anyway?

Jac said...

Sean- Power Rangers SPD (Space Patrol Delta) The Yellow Ranger 'Zee' has the ability to duplicate herself.

Dominique said...

I love the new Power Rangers series! And Z is just about my favorite, too. Her and Kat.

Jac said...

Haha yeah I remember cat-ears Kat!