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Thursday, February 15, 2007

more Vanitea

More pics thanks to Erving :D


Arashi-KIshu said...

I'm so inggit!!!I wanna be part of Vanitea rin sana!

Jac said...

E di pagbalik mo ^_^ I love your Gothic Lolita costume!

marchanazie said...

is it a goth party? so you dress like a goth? :)

zeroimpact said...

Great pics there
It must have been a great tea party

Jac said...

marc- any loli/jpop or anything related with the culture of glam rock ;)

ZI- I only wish there was more tea hahah

Ligaya said...

Hey Jac! I also have a BlogSpot account (just click my username here to find it). ;) Wai super enjoy talaga yun! :3 Thanks for coming with me! \^0^/

PS Hi to Cathy!!! ^0^/ Amishuu! Sorry pinababayaan ko na BlogSpot ko! v^_^000

jolengs said...

hello ms.jac..ikaw pala yun nasa vanitea,sayang i wasnt able to shoot more of you,na-intimidate yata ako sayo,heheh

anywey,am planning to join the cosplay ph online photo contest,
hope maka-singit ako sa bz sked nyo.

lets werk a few shots as soon as possible deadline is on march 10.

heres some sampols> http://www.flickr.com/photos/jolengs/

email: jokwa_lu@yahoo.com
salamat,pinoy cosplay rocks!
(0917-9227223)cameko: jojo

Jac said...

Thanks! Will check it out :) Email me and let's discuss this.

Rey said...

I think the lollipop added more character... hehe.

Jac said...

hehe cool! Lollipops are some of the stuff they served there

wan wan said...

ganda ganda gwae dichi!!!!hihi :)

Jac said...

mas maganda dee :*

(yes we have our own language)