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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Granado Espada

I got off my shift ended at 10pm last night and went to Mayric's for my coworker Alexis' gig for his band Maniac Kiss. They played an extra two sets because we came in after their official set. Aww! Pinoy Rock rules! After that we went out for drinks with his equally rockin' wife, who went to see their show as well. I got home at 7am.

So what would get me out of bed after that?

Free food, free gaming and good friends :) That's what.

Joy texted me asking if I'm on my way to B-Connected for E-Games' beta testing of Granado Espada. I replied that I never got an email so I was never sure if I got in as one of the beta testers. She assured me that I did, and that a lot of my fellow Filcosplay members are there(of which some of them decided to make a fan club of me. Sweet!). So off I went!

Now excuse me while I go play some more free Granado Espada :D So far it delightfully reminds me of Guild Wars, except the setting is kinda New World, so everyone's wearing lace and frills and the characters are ownright gorgeous ;) I'm with the Teutonic Knights guild, by the way.

And they want me to cosplay her... Pretty! And green! I love green ^_^ heh


zeroimpact said...

That must have been a great night out
Now I wonder what is this Granado Espada...

Jac said...

Granado Espada is a MMORPG :) You can find out more by clicking the link

Anne said...

cosplay cosplay cosplay!!!! hehehe. i do hope you'll have the funds so you can join us as we cosplay GE this march. we're excited, we know. XD

and thanks for coming to the event! hope you had fun. :D

Jac said...

anne- I most certanly did :D Thanks for inviting me. Hugs!

ivanhenares said...

Just dropping by and checking out the Pinoy blogosphere! May I invite you to visit my blog at http://ivanhenares.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Jac said...

ivan- thanks for he comment! link me, link you?

Anne said...

jac! i need to know your character's family name coz we won in-game items sa event. hehe.

Jac said...

Anne- Marcelo :) It's my mom's maiden name.

putingtikbalang said...

i didn't know it was a game... Cool1 It's like a historical leap from Silkroad Online!

Can't wait to get my own PC and try this game out. :)

as for the Cosplay... Go! You're built for it, girl!

Jac said...

Silkroad eh? I'm gonna check that out :D

Thanks for the comments gorgeous :hugs: