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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007

I hope all of you out there enjoyed a well-deserved vacation over the holidays :) I spent mine mostly watching Spring Waltz with my family. And I now have a new crush! Goodbye F4(I hereby fire you... yes, all four of you), hello Daniel Henney!!!

And don't worry Takeshi Kaneshiro, I'm not firing you from my horde of bishie-slaves. After all, you hold the highest position of them all: who else would give me a bath??? rofl!

Ahhh just a way to start my new year on a positive note. Now on to accepting the reality of life...

On a lighter note, the latest Pilya fanart is by Syeri Baet! :D


Michael said...

Happy New Year Jac! =)

Jac said...

Hi! Happy new year! :D

iamstorm said...

Happy new year! ^__^

Jac said...

iamstorm- hee! happy new year to you too! ^_^