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Sunday, December 17, 2006

FC xmas parteh

Some pix from my first Filcosplay xmas party! Taken by FART

early birds


crazy sentai poses

ooh-ing and aah-ing at RetsuMarippe's magical sporing christmas tree

caught red handed vandalizing

FC ghetto crue

catching up on sleep while waiting for the party to start

FART's Holy_Cow waking me up, "Party started, let's eat lunch!"

monogrammed(?) plastic cup

Group name initials are CPH, so I named mine Chibi Poring Hunters

Our first game was Cheer Competition. After naming our group, I thought up this cheer after Jhen and Tanix wondered if we could work with a cheer that sounds like YMCA:

We're CPH
We're Chibi Poring Hunters
We're CPH

We hunt porings all day
We hunt porings all night
Come on and join the fight

We're still debating if it's good or it's crap, because the lyrics admittedly is no MetroPop entry, but to our pleasant surprise, we won!

Btw, we were all laughing in the pic because in the end of our cheer we sorta just fell apart because the guys argued about doing the Haado Gei Pelvic Thrust. Some of them just walked away, while us girls just rolled over laughing!

Maya and her Poring Pets by Mabuhay Boardgame (oooook)

my bling cap

wavy hair(after being stuffed in the cap all day due to the hot weather)

Time to go home! Thanks to Joy(Danaya cosplayer!) for the ride back and forth ^_^


Anonymous said...

hey jac! nice to see you there at the party! ang kukulet nyo! XDDDD

- Presea

Jac said...

weheheh thanks din sa yo! We had a blast ^_^ nyuu!

Anonymous said...

The guy with the glasses looks strangely familiar to me... is his name Dominic?

iamstorm said...

uy! kilala mo pala si zaerone. kapitbahay ko po sya. ^__^

Jac said...

sean- wow small world!

iamstorm- really?? small world talaga!

iamstorm said...

yup, he lives just across the street. we've known each other since we were kids. ^__^

Jac said...

iamstorm- heheh amazing how online groups make the world smaller

iamstorm said...

so true. ^__^

Michael said...

Merry Christmas Jac! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jac: just dropping by to say Merry Christmas!

zeroimpact said...

Wow that must have been a great party. Wish I could've been there.
Anyway, happy new year and well wishes for you in the coming year

Jac said...

happy holidays iamstorm, michael, dom and ZI! :D