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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

UP AME Matsuri aftermath

This is the first placer Majinbu, complete with steam effects!

This is the cosplayer who won second place as the Morgul King.

These photos are taken by Ronyu of Filcosplay. You can view other pictures taken by him by clicking his name :D

The third placer in the individual category is Master Pogi! XD I'll post a pic when I find a nice one

This one is taken by FehlgamTroice, also a fellow FC member! The Naruto toddler is so cuuuuuuuute!!! You can view his UP Matsuri album here. And you can view his caption of the pic here ;)

You can also view this one in Yojichan's Multiply account, where you'll see lots of cat-eared cuties! =^.^=

These pics are from Presea, of the lovely Encantadia cosplayers also from Filcosplay.

These are from Arikado ^_^

These are from FART :)

From moodyangst ^_^ with caramel dance by Alodia and Crissey

And speaking of Alodia, these are taken by her :D

And here's me with Nejin as Kenshin from Samurai X!


Yojichan said...


you look really gorgeous!


thanks for the credits as well. -

Clayton said...

hotter than 99% of the cosplayers in the world. Go you!

Sean said...

*Sigh* The first thing that came into my mind the moment the pictures finished loading was, "Those orange circles light up pretty well against a camera flash, don't they?"

Now I find myself wondering if there's any way to hook up a small, self-contained lighting system inside a staff (or similar costume prop) for a better effect. How that could possibly be useful, I don't know. :)

Anonymous said...

Jac...Jac...Jac! Ito lang nasabi ng boss ko ng makita po ang mga pictures mo...heheehe! Lufet naman po talaga!

Mike Abundo said...

For a split second there, I thought I was looking at Alodia's pictures. ;)

Andrei said...

Bagay nga sa'yo ; )

Rey said...

Gawd, Jac. i might be saying this too often but you're Fine, fine, fine!

... and you looked superb in that outfit. More!!!

Arashi-KIshu said...

!Ang lufet! Galing!

Anonymous said...

GANDA!!!!! X3
Ei, C Gibs 2! ;)

iamstorm said...

tsk. men. LOL.

Good effort on your costume. ^__^

Majin Boo is 1337! ^__^

Jac said...

yojichan- thanks for letting me post your pix! I love your group <3

clay- aww thanks!

sean- i'm figuring out how to make my staff light up, actually :)

myke- aha! surfing while working! ;D

andrei- salamat :)

rey- thanks!

arashi-kishu- that's a huge compliment coming from you ^_^

gibs- gawa ako comic strip ;) andun ka!

iamstorm- thanks for commenting!

hxero said...

ayos ah... mukha masaya sa event na yan...

Michael said...

Astig!! Sexy as usual Jac.

Jac said...

hxero- oo masaya talaga :)

michael- salamat

zeroimpact said...

Great pics
And you look great in that costume

Jac said...

ZI- thanks!