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Friday, December 01, 2006

Counter Strike Babes

Times like these I wish I have my own computer ;) I've never tried using customized player models tho. I wonder if anybody here has. Do they work out okay?

I've been playing Counter Strike since college, when my then-boyfiend taught me by showing me how to use the guns and stuff, then proceeding to 0wn my n00b13 @$$. Needless to say I retaliated by 0wnzng him in real life :) Don't worry, he's still alive and we're still friends.

To make the long story short I sucked so bad I never had fun playing the game until just last week when my coworkers taught me to use the right guns. For the first time my gameplay improved like it never has in years! So yeah, I'm addicted. If belatedly.


zeroimpact said...

I am not really a fan of counter strike... get dizzy when play first person shooter game
But then I guess you must be good at it

Jac said...

I still need practice, but decent enough that I don't die after taking less than 3 steps LOLZ!

Rey said...

I suck at the PC version of C.S. I like the game more in X-box, and kicking some butt in xbox live do give me some high.

Haven't played lately though. Too swamped. Argh!!!!

Andrei said...

If you have PLDT DSL, you can play CS online at PLDTPlay.com without sacrificing your download limit meaning even if you're downloading a movie at full speed, your connection to PLDT CS server will not be lost or slow.

Jac said...

rey- haha I wish I could play as much as I'd like :D

andrei- that's ok, it's fun enough for me to kick BOT butts with my friends ^_^