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Friday, December 08, 2006

RF Online N00b

Problem 1:

I tried to play RF Online in Netopia but instead I kept getting this message:

"Patch failure. Please try in short future."


Since I was playing in an internet cafe, I told the employees about it and they suggested I try a different machine. It works! Sheesh, I shoulda done this sooner. Gahd I'm such a newb >_< but then, what if that happened to my personal computer??

Problem 2:

WTF?? Now I'm getting this message: "Not a subscribing user. would you like to subsribe?"

Whaddayamean I'm not a subscribing user?? I just bought PhP20 credits and topped up!


I met a fellow RF player at the UP AME who told me I should go to the Use Credits page and choose the game I'd use the credits for. Considering I just added those same credits to game it asked me to specify, I never thought of this solution independently. I've yet to give it a try though, because...

Problem 3:

Bad news for people who bought credits worth PhP100, which entitles you to unlimited play for five days.

IF you can play within those days, that is!

But if you kept getting that stupid 'Connection to the server failed' message? For one, two, or even worse; five days? You have just kissed your hundred clams goodbye. For nothing.

There are simply days when the servers are simply down. And there's nothing you can do about it. Ugh.


I'm afraid the most we can do is resolve to buy the lowest denominations from now on, because unlimited plays mean nothing to players who only rent the machine they play on. And to everyone when the game itself is inaccessible anyway.


I honestly want to play this game and seriously level up and all, but all these fuck-ups are just not worth it. I won't even start with how I never get problems like these when I was playing Guild Wars(yes, the game that doesn't need any topping up at all)! I'm very frustrated. But if anyone can help me resolve these stupid mysteries I'd highly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

you can try playing tantra instead (its free now). or DOTA.

rf online looks good, but level-up has a reputation for providing low-quality service to its gamers.

just IMHO. cheers! ^__^

Jac said...

God, you are SO right! I tried playing again today but the game couldn't connect to their servers! Argh! I just might give Tantra a try :)

Anonymous said...

What server are you trying to get into? Praxis is always full because its the new server. RF is still hot and its no surprise that a lot of players want to try it.

Jac said...

I play Nexus. May mga araw talaga na hindi ma-access yung game at all e. You couldn't even log in.

Anonymous said...

energeist here...
hmm.. currently Level Up has some network issues regarding their stupid servers in RF ever since the opening of Praxis.
im a little bored at RF Online since no patch is comming for the next 5 months.
currently im playing GuildWars (Prophesies) and im so hooked to it.
Try tantra too :D
alot of my friends are playing tantra.
i played tantra before but i cant access my old account
(lvl 43 Ashura)
Tantra has similarities to Ragnarok in terms of gameplay but least the service aint crap!
check out LevelUp games in brazil (http://levelupgames.com.br/website/index.aspx)
they have the coolest games unlike
what we have here X_X

Jac said...

energeist- I have to go to EGG to play RF. Thanks for the load ;) I used the bigger one na. I play tantra too. Rakshasa.

Mike Abundo said...

energeist: Level Up founder Ben Colayco is focusing on Brazil and India, and they're clearly benefiting from that focus. In the meantime, we in the Philippines are left with wafflers in management, backstabbers in marketing, and n00bs in IT.