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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pilya 31

Argh! I want to update more often but I'm doing a lot of things lately, namely preparing for the cosplay I'll be doing at the UP AME this Matsuri Saturday, December 9! Hopefully we get good pics after so I can post them here ^_^ I finished the costume this morning, complete with staff, thanks to my family and friends who helped ^_^

Like I said, Robert Wong started me off with cutting and putting together the skirt and vest armor parts. Jewel helped me find Mannequin Incorporated where I bought a blonde wig at a 20% discount. Dessie Aquino sewed my suit, gloves and stockings. Dad spray painted the gold parts of my staff. Bebe made the belly charms and helped me shop for materials. Mom and Wanwan also gave a lot of useful input and support :D



zeroimpact said...

Wow... it must be really nice
I want to see the pics
Let us see ya

Jac said...

I hope I will be able to post pics soon :)