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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Laptop GET!

I got my Blue Radon W310 from my friend Ranulf, who is planning to go back to his first love and buy a Macbook XD

Here's to more rakets ^_^ squee! I am very thankful how I'm slowly getting the items in my wishlist, by my own professional perseverance, no less, and of course, God's grace.

Ranulf bought this laptop less than six months ago, so when he offered it as payment for the gigs he's been sending my way, I thought it's a good deal :)

I'm still feeling my way around :D Since it's my first time owning a laptop and all. I'll be installing Photoshop so I can work wherever I am: be it in my dorm, in San Pablo, or in Antarctica XD Getting a laptop has been justified by my (reluctantly) nomadic nature.

It's been getting more and more difficult having to dig up PSD files and whatnot from different desktops in my different locations. I've been on the move ever since I started college. I've been so busy and hardly stay in one place long enough that I still couldn't finish any games I've installed in my desktop (which I also happily bought less than a year ago ^^).

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kc cordero said...

frequenting starbucks and other watering holes with wifi would be more wonderful with your new baby. :)