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Monday, May 16, 2005


Let's just say it's all Geedot's fault ;) And I thank him for it.

geedot: hey does pilya even have a name?
jactinglim: actually...
geedot: i haven't caught names for the two gals friends
jactinglim: i'm thinking of starting up a contest someday
jactinglim: "name pilya!" or something
geedot: kewl
geedot: sina Ivanna and Mona
geedot: hehehe
jactinglim: =))
jactinglim: ok, I'll post that
geedot: Ivana Mann..and Mona Lots
jactinglim: =))
geedot: the world must know Ivana Mann and Mona Lotts

So there ya go, people :D Name Pilya and uh... Taray(?) then place your votes by logging into the comments section! So far we have one entry(Ivanna Mann and Mona Lots).

As for the three prizes(the two chosen names and 2 random voters for each name), you can also make suggestions, somewhere along the lines of printouts of PILYA artwork, maybe I can even draw the winner into the strip! Whee!

AWAY AGILA update:

We're now getting ready for the U Got Game event! So excited!

Saturday, May 21, 2005 from 11am to 7pm ;)
Expo Exchange Greenbelt 1. See ya all there!


Sean said...

I say that those names might be funny at first, but they won't be funny anymore after twenty or thirty strips. I'm handing in an entry for this one.

Can you tell us anything about the two characters? Ethnicity? Jobs? Anything? More information would help.

Also, do you need first and last names, or just first names?

Jac said...

Sean- i'll be awaiting for your entry :) i honestly have no names for them i'm forced to call them pilya and taray! LOL

ethnicity- pilya is Pinay, while taray is tsinay.
jobs- pilya is looking for work, taray is an artist
and as for personality, one is basically wacky while the other's kinda grumpy.

it's up to you if you want to provide last names as well :)

eClair said...

Pilya - Soraya Bumatay
But she would go by the name Sora or Aya because her parents gave her such an old-fashioned name
Bumatay sounds fierce but very Pinoy ;)

Taray - Mian Uy
Hmm? Whatcha think?
Uy is a common enough surname for Tsinoys. Mian - I know someone with that nickname.

That's just my take on it ^_^

See you at UGG!

Clayton said...

how about the Philipino words for cute and serious as their first names?

These are Philipino characters, right? Or am I a stupid american just putting his foot in his mouth?

Sean said...

I'm running with "Chiara" (Pilya - the one with short hair) and "Leanne" (Taray - the one with long hair) at the moment.

"Chiara" strikes me as being a more dramatic person, and her parents giving her a dramatic name ("Chiara" has Italian roots) has a certain sense to it.

"Leanne" is a softer name, indicative of the character's contemplative side. There's also the possibility of orientalizing the name ("Li Ang") if needed.

I'd suggest leaving the last names open for now, in case the storylines would demand it. Or you can just hold another contest sometime in the future. :)

eClair said...

Hmmmm... Sean has a point ;) You can have the surnames contest or something


Borgy said...

Simple everyday names can have different connotations once you add Filipino surnames.

My two cents:

Pilya - Diana Kamo
Taray - Sara P. Yan

Katie said...

simple names should be fine...

Pilya - Summer
Taray - Faye

... I'd say no lastnames. Uso naman ang no lastnames, debah?

... I'd say Jac and Katie, but naaaah. :-p

batangbatugan said...

How about:

Chinky or Lee-lee -sounds like Chunli because of her hair, and her character's like a lily, too ;

Ivy -because she's just like Ivy of Soul Calibur, and reminds me of poison ivy, too ;P

Kel said...

Ginnie (Taray) and Melai (Pilya)?

No idea why. Those names just came to mind.

jrld said...

pilya is jac and taray is ting.

ting's apelyido is fu tze (baket? wala lang.)

while jac is an acronym.(bahala ka na.) alien kasi siya kagaya nun sa pelikulang species. :)