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Tuesday, May 10, 2005



This is purely fictional :) for a while there tho I was tempted to plug the Stormballs LOL

Speaking of wishlists, I just made my online wishlist! you can see it below my tagboard. Whee! Why don't you get your own? ;)

Away Agila UPDATE

Screenshots uploaded! I'm also making the character profiles so it should be up soon :D


Kel said...

Nice punchline which keeps the characterizations perfect, and steadily improving art. I like it when you shade that way. :)

Denisse said...

Hehe cute ;). I like your comics! Do you mind if I link you? ^_^

As for the wishlist thing, I'd like to try it out!

oliver said...

Curious- what is she drawing?

Jac said...

kel- thanks! I plan to color my comics this way, while staying in grayscale to be able to save it as a lighter file ;)

denisse- welcome to my blog! and thanks for reading my strips! It is an honor to be linked from you :D

oliver- you'll know in my next blog entry ;)

Dominique said...

Happy Birthday, your Jacting-ness! Sorry this is coming a day late ;-)

Dark Knight said...

belated happy b'day, jac :)