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Friday, August 05, 2005

Guild Wars cosplayers

Geedot just gave me the heads up! Green Dot Cafe, located near College of Saint Benilde, had Guild Wars cosplayers yesterday giving away free 10-hr Guild Wars preview cards and flyers. Click here for more details!


AKILEZ said...

Hello Jac-Jac

I tried to register on Green.Dot (Berde na may Tuldok) I can't register something wrong with system. Oh sige dahan dahan lang sa drawing and be famous.

GeeDot said...

Jac - I've got wind of an upcoming Guilds.PH Cosplay event on August 28. Here's the link http://www.guilds.ph/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=37&thread_id=171#2778

Achilles - Currently, www.greendotcafe.com is not accepting account registrations on the site. I've caught spammers using the free email account on that website and decided to turn it off for now.

Jac - I'll try get some more info for you! The female ranger character of Guild Wars currently adorns my laptop's desktop area as wallpaper. Luv those green eyes!

Jac said...

achilles- hello! :D hehe salamat sa comment. I'm still looking forward to getting one oft hose free 10-hour trial cards so I caould play Guild Wars ^_^

geedot- wehehehe! how did those girls get into cosplaying the mesmer and the elementalist ba?

PS may green contact lenses akong masusuot wehehehe! ;)

Ed said...

Lovely girls. :)

solo flite said...


Where do i find these cosplayers? :D

Jac said...

ed- indeed :) teeeeeka lang, akala ko ba sa foreign girls ka lang attarcated wehehehe!

soloflite- click on the link for more info ;) I hear they're having a tour on different netcafes

evan said...

Do you ever do any cosplay Jac? :P

Jac said...

Evan- hmmm only once I think. I don't think I could count the Matrix Lady-in-red :)

azrael said...

ohhhhhh cosplayers!!!!

Jac said...

dady az- huy! mahuli ka ni momy lace! nyahahahaha! ;D

Astrantia said...

OMG hehe! I'm addicted to guild wars :|