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Wednesday, August 17, 2005



This strip features blogger Pinay grrl Katie! Check out her blog to read the rants and random thoughts of the most gorgeous 'tibak' I know ;)


Jennie said...

I love her outfit! ^_^

mungkey said...

wraaaorwww... ganda! ;> hehehehe

Clayton said...

hey Jac, I met a Philipino girl the other day in Saga city, Japan. I asked her a question in Japanese and she suprised me by spouting English! Is Japan a popular place to emigrate to?

GeeDot said...

Jac! Awesome work there! I'm looking forward for her Guild Wars incarnation. hehehe. Could we have a group Guild Wars cosplay pic in the guise of your in-game characters, Jac Lim and Raven Destroyer. Astig!

Shelly said...

That is such a cute design for a dress!

Sean said...

Points for truth.

And while Japan isn't a popular emigration destination, it's a popular work spot for Filipinos.

Jac said...

jennie- Thanks! I designed it especially for her!

mungkey- salamat! mas maganda siya sa pics!

clayton- I actually know a lot of Pinoys who go there, but Im not sure all of them works there. I just know for a fact that, for example, Sacha, Ranulf, etc went there NOT because they worked there :) but I've yet to know a Pinoy who emigrated there.

geedot- sige! gawa me wallpaper of us in Guild Wars characters :) email ko sa inyo.

shelly- thanks! I had fun designing a "Pinas-Fashionista" costume wehehehe!

Clayton said...

well, if you ever come too, feel free to crash at my place; you can have the bed, and I'll sleep on the futon in the living room

Jac said...

clay- heheheh, that would be the day :) could you buy me those loose socks? ;D LOL jk!

Clayton said...

sure complentary socks at cassa del Clay