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Saturday, September 10, 2005



Welcome! You are now seeing the first strip for Guild Wars month!

Turns out anyone can try Guild Wars for free! All you gotta do is walk up to any netcafe with GW and tell them you wanna try it out. Ask nicely for the free 10-hour trial card and play! You pay only for the net, not the game.

I started out as a Ranger, because I liked her hair (LOL). The start of the game's pretty cool, but I think the FMV can be better. And you are directed by green arrows to tell you what you should do next. They're just suggestions, though. You can explore as you like, and sometimes find pleasant surprises or just plain practice ;)

One quest I took on is about getting a bear pelt. I didn't know how hard it was until I got killed by bears. Thrice. At one time I just gave up and went to town and ranted about how I couldn't get the bear pelt because bears get my skin first! So a warrior suggested I team up with him and 'he'(ok, you can choose to play as a male or female character, so I'm not really sure what gender the player really is :p) helped me kill off bears until I got myself a pelt! Whee! :D

More GW playing stories next week. You can add me as Lillith Dragonfire if you're playing GW too. You can also join Geedot's guild called GDC PH (Greendot Cafe Phils.)! Just go to his website http://greendotcafe.com :D


aids said...

Believe me, there are ladies in the game who are actually guys in real life, and big burly dark skinned warriors who are scrawny guys in real life, and long haired (legolas looking) rangers who are actually annoyingly cute guys (hey, that's me! LOL)

sPotLess_miNd said...

whoa! your strips rock!

azrael said...

i have a 10 hours free game card

but i dont know where will i play ?

u have a cd game installer ba?

GeeDot said...


Check out this link from the official Guild Wars Philippines website for cybercafes that have Guild Wars. If you're near Taft, then I'd say drop by Greendotcafe, :) Since you're in Pasig, then check out the Pasig section. Enjoy!

Ed said...

Hehehe. The is brutal...but cute. Astig!

Jac said...

aids- legolas huh? ;)

spotless mind- thanks!

azrael- go to any netcafe that has GW :) let me know when you started na!

geedot- welcome to my blog!

ed- sarap panggigilan yung bear e hehe!