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Wednesday, September 28, 2005




Arashi-KIshu said...


Kaeli Stormborn said...

LOL. Love the Card Captor Wand btw :) Really cute. Does Arashi-kishu really play Guild Wars or is it just a guest appearance? :)

Btw, have an auction going on on a few Guild Wars items... you might want to take a look :) Here's the url:


Geedot calls me GW Megamall :p

Jac said...

arashi-kishu -WHEE! XD

kaeli stormborn- LOL Card Captor Sakura! Ongano?

No, It's just that when I have to think of any actual person to refer to Taray and Pilya, the people I could only think of so far are me and her.

I'd love to shop, but I'll work on getting the highest level Dragon Pattern Ascetic armor first ;) After that, I'll be sure to hunt you down!

Clayton said...

I like the hydromancer armor

Mike Abundo said...

Hey, Jac, you mix dyes for your armors? Share your formulas! ;)

Jac said...

clayton- believe me, a LOT of gamers did ;)

mike- I'm just trying to get pink for my monk armor. which so far I could achieve by applying purple onto dye remover. As for dyeing tattoos tho, you might need to apply purple to silver twice before one could achieve pink.

Mike Abundo said...

Pink, eh? To each her own, I guess.

This chart might help.

Jac said...

Yeah I've seen that :) And according to another chart the dominant color is the one that's applied on.