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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sonic Boom

My friends invited me to join them in checking out Sonic Boom in Saguijo. And I got to take some pictures :)

Here's a video clip and a few pics of Switch performing.

The Ambassadors from Cebu


Urbandub's Lala with Dave

with Jerald

with me


marchanazie said...

nice. sarap maging single noh? hehe pero mas masarap ang my cute n anak :)

Jac said...

hehe one doesn't have to be single to have fun :)

Rey said...

Sarap magwala once in a while... Haven't been to gigs lately. And this looked like a whole lot of fun! I'd bet my socks you had a pretty good time.(and as what the pictures are trying to say, that maybe is an understatement).

Jac said...

the music was great! and the crowd was very appreciative :D

Anne said...

Nakapunta na rin ako sa saguijo. cool nga doon. No-smoking pa sa loob. Did you get to check the "I Love You" store sa may taas?

argh. i miss bar hopping na tuloy. I retired. :p

Jac said...

uy next time pala aakyat ako :D thanks for the tip ;) onga pala, di nagwo-work yung link mo :(