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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Teriyaki Boy TV Ad Shoot

Video Intro (will edit with more footages added in the future)

It's currently being shown every Saturday, around 9pm during the show Pinoy Dream Acadamy at channel 2.

Putting the wall back together between takes

At the set. Really looks like it's inside a Teriyaki Boy restaurant, ne?

The storyboard!

Gem pinching Teriyaki Boy's cheek(!)

Chua twins :)

me as a counter girl of Teriyaki Boy's competitor, and Gem as herself ;)

Sam Tan about to do a Hulk Smash

How the food looks in real life

How the food looks on TV (galeng no?)

The guy in the Milo-green jacket is the same guy from that Closeup ad, Dino.

Teriyaki Boy crashing into the scene!

With his sidekick Jac the Girl Wanderer!

Dino goofing around

with Sasi Casas, our shoot's main funny guy :)

with Sam Tan, feeling action hero ;)

with the cast


Clayton said...

strange to hear your voice

Jac said...

Hahah! You uploading a video? ;)

Dominique said...

Ooooh, an actress now. Pa-autograph naman, o! (So I can sell it to eBay when you get really famous.)


MommyBa said...

Nakakamiss ang Teriyaki Boy!!! Waaaah! Me TVC na pala sila :)

Jac said...

dom- riiiight! the famous tiny dot waaaay behind Teriyaki Boy LOLZ!

mommyba- wehehe we mishu too ;)