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Monday, August 21, 2006

White Cross Saturday

I have more videos from the event, but I'll try to edit them first before I upload any more :)

This is a guest from PAWS, a golden retriever they call Dr. Dog

He's specially trained to be gentle to kids. Being darn cute comes naturally tho.

Giving autographs to kids by letting them trace his pawprint.

There are actually programs where mascots like Jollibee and the MnM pirates danced onstage, but I was too busy facepainting to take pictures >_<

This little girl at one point came over to my facepainting booth/table.

I gave her the Asterix book I bought off Isha.

We ate Jollibee Chickenjoy meals and popsicles and Mister Donut holes.

The stage with a puppet theatre

I guess she chose to assign herself to me :) We were filling up this page when the people came over and said it's time to go home.


azrael said...

ehhehe...nice video blog!!!!!

also cute kids!!!

if we were there, lace might take home one cute kid girl

Jac said...

Haha! Thanks :) I hope you guys could join next year then!

Rey said...

those are some feel good pictures and i can tell those tykes had the times of their lives. I love kids and wish i had the luxury of time as you do Jac. And on top of that you got yourself another cute fan in the person of that little girl huh?
good job.

Jac said...

Haha thanks :) I was just lucky I was able to be available at the time so I grabbed the chance and went along :D

Clair said...

Awwwwwwwww. That's just so awesome! Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

Re: little girl
It's such an "Awwwww" moment :)

Jac said...

hahaha! Thanks Clair :D I was pleasantly surprised myself because I knew I can't have the time to 'adopt' a kid for the day because I'd be busy facepainting.

So it's really nice when she just plopped down in the booth beside me and stayed there until the party ended.