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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pilya 29

The strip is about Guild Wars: Factions, which is the expansion to the original Guild Wars. I'd love to try it out because I've been playing GW in Netopia. But they don't have the expansion there. Which means I'd have to buy it myself. That would be very unlikely because I don't really have my own PC.

I apologise for not updating my weekly webcomic like I should >_< I've just been so busy lately and it got to a point that I got really rusty making comic strips. I did this one just to jumpstart myself. Hopefully I get my groove back soon enough ;)

Let's just see where the strip goes from here. And yes, hopefully I'd actually start drawing strips again LOLZ! XD



zeroimpact said...

Pilya eh...
Sounds interesting...
Keep em coming, at your own pace of coz

Jac said...

will try my best!

guile said...

i'd love to see your strips..

Jac said...

I'll upload more when I can :)