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Sunday, November 09, 2003


Wheeeeeeee! Everything went out great! We went to the kiddie party venue half an hour early and had kids and moms lined up before we could even set up!

I'm really glad we spent the night before practicing skin painting. I painted a unicorn on the birthday celebrant. A mom requested a rose 'tattoo' on her ankle, another wanted the seahorse she saw on my portfolio. Achi painted yinyangs on the boykids and flowers and butterflies on the girlkids. Wan listed down names of people who got the skin paint, their designs, and their artists.

Everyone is satisfied with our work. The kids were afraid at first, not knowing what to expect. But as soon as the first kids are done the other kids gathered all around us showering us with requests and pushing each other to be the first one painted. Most of the boykids requested me to paint Yu-Gi-oh stuff I copy from their cards. Why the heck is the Blue Ice Dragon so popular??? And I also copied a Dragon Master from another kid's card. I also got a lot of unicorn requests from the girls. And rainbows.

I spent the days since I was hired Tuesday stressing and panicking. Convinced that I never did it before and therefore could never do it. While Achi efficiently made a lot of research about face painting and we both formulated plans about what materials to buy/get and from where. We also made research on how much to charge and what rate. We even saved a lot of designs, and I started copying them onto a portfolio to show the clients. Manually. Because I'm still out of black and can't print them out and besides they're low-res.

We worked for 3 hours non-stop. Looking at Wan's list we found out we painted all the kids there and some adults, with kids having up to 4 paintings each. Yay! We're fast! I'm really glad to know we can pull it off. And the kids had so much fun. We laughed when we saw the kids who are too afraid are prodded by their parents to get themselves painted. As soon as we're done and handed them the mirror they're happy and wanted to show it to their friends :)

We were so grateful when we can eat while the guests enjoy the last event which was a magic show. When the party ended the host's assistant handed out their business cards to the guests. Seeing that I asked Achi for the business cards she printed which were meant to be for those who asked for it and gave out our cards to the ones who haven't asked for our card. It turns out they didn't notice we have cards and had different parents asking me for more cards.

We charged half-price because it's our first time. I was still kinda sad because the materials we bought are expensive, especially the Snazaroo that cost me P350 for basically 6 piso-sized paint pans that I had to travel all the way to Glorietta for before the big day. But our improvisations of our skin art kit saved us money against buying the full Snazaroo Kit for P10k! We even got to pay Wan for her assisting us :)

Woohoo! May bago na kaming raket! nyahahhahahahahah!

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