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Saturday, November 29, 2003

matanong na serbey

May kagalit ka ba?
nah, I don't let anger get the best of me.

Ano first meal mo today?
di pa nga me kumakain e :9

Ano usually yung first thing you do when you
get online habang hindi pa 7am heheheheh!

Ilang taon ka na?
lumalagutok na 24

Where do you wana spend ur xmas vacation?
with the people I love

Fave alcoholic drink?
tequila sunrise

Fave mall?

Eh bar?
umm, Gotham?

What’s ur usual get up?
fit shirt, flare jeans, red sneaks

Ano cel na gamit mo ngayon?
nokia 3315

Are you single?

If yes or no BAKIT?
masaya maging single e

Define love?
love is God

Night or day?
night. too busy during the day.

Anong klaseng death ang trip mo?
death by saving someone

sino ang pinaka mabait na kilala mo?

Ano religion mo?

Have you brushed your teeth yet?
after nito, pramis! 7 am pa lang!

Flings? Long-term shit?
s'long as it benefits both of us.

Crammer or nerd?
dati nerd, ngayon crammer :p

Gwapo/maganda na gago or panget na mabaet? Bakit?
always go for mabait! ganda mo pag magkatabi kayo e! hehehehe! jk ;)

Have you ever had more that one bf/gf at a time?
never. isa lang naging bf ko ever e.

Do you believe in destiny?
God-written, yes.

When do you wana die?
after I've done all i ever want to do

Who’s the last person you wanna be with before you die?
someone who loves me enough to be with me on my last breath.

Would you want to die a virgin?
Why is that a big deal?

Most unforgetable moment?
whenever someone/something tells me i'm better than I thought.

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