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Friday, November 28, 2003

ooookay and here's the continuation...


wednesday is fiesta in Wawa/del remedio so beya took me and mikko to her friend there to eat (yummy! free eats! wheee!) and chat.

after that i went directly to our fastfood place (even if it's closed for the day) to meet with someone who's supposed to take me to watch Matrix Revolutions. Turns out he came earlier and found the place closed so he went to my house. Good thing my Achi told him i was waiting at the orig place. we eventually met there by bebe's text :)

unfortunately we found that the Matrix movie is already replaced by local movies. He decided to libre me toinstead. He even let me take the last 2 slices home. I bought net cards(so i can net and post here and stuff ;) and mikko's burger.

I got home and gave my kuya the pizza slices for arranging the ornaments in our christmas tree (after I set it up) before proceeding upstairs to give bebe their burger and her netcard.


Thursday I finally got up the nerve to finish all three projects in one morning. but didn't have time to send them. deciding to send them now i went to tindahan to find mamy there. she told me to take her to megamallafter the rush hour.

after texting gerry that i can't make it (nuts, i didn't get to see jeffrey and carlo!) i ate lunch and went off with mom for her errands. we got home before 10 pm kanina.

we chatted a bit, wanwan gave us chocolates (yummy!). and I played Noxas a warrior this time instead of conjurer. Then mamy asked for some physical therapist session. by the time i'm done it's time for free net! wheeee!

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