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Saturday, November 29, 2003

More Stuff I found in Friendster

1.) Full name?: Jac... oh no, you don't!
2.) Birthday?: May 12
3.) Zodiac?: Taurus
4.) Nationality?: Filipino
5.) What time is it?: 6:46am
6.) Whats the date? Nov. 29, 2003

7.) Called you?: dad
8.) Yelled at you?: some woman over he phone because of static
9.) Saw you cry?: can't remember
10.) Made you cry?: the end of something
11.) Made you laugh?: Mikko
12.) You shared a drink with?: Bebe?
13.) You went to the movies with?: dapat si james but...
14.) Went to dinner with?: my bro
15.) Bought you something?: mamy?
16.) Sent you an e-mail?: my boss

------HAVE YOU EVER------
17.) Kissed someone?: whattaquestion!
18.) Said "I love you" and meant it?: yep
19.) Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc?: eh??
20.) Been to New York?: wish!
21.) Been to Florida?: nope
22.) California?: nope
23.) Hawaii?: nope
24.) Mexico?: nope
25.) Europe?: nope
26.) Canada?: uhh, i never got off the frickin' island ok?
27.) Danced Naked?: when alone in the house ;)
28.) Skinny dipped?: sa bath tub. i was 2 back then.
29.) Stalked someone?: define stalking ;)
30.) Snuck out?: yep, then snuck back in just to see if i can do it
31.) Wished you were the opposite sex?: where IS that Jusenkyo Spring???
32.) Had an imaginary friend?: nope

48.) Laughs the weirdest?: STEVE! See you at Chancel ;D
49.) Makes you laugh the most?: Erc
50.) Who have you known the longest that you still keep in contact w/?: Lyn
51.) Loudest?: nomura?
52.) Is the quietest: dati si deck, kaso makulit na rin e hahaha!
53.) Is the weirdest?: ryan? ehehe, lovable pa rin!
57.) Who do you usually go to about all of your problems?: deck
58.) Who comes to you?: marami
59.) Things you like in a guy?: Honesty, mabango, dresses well, sweet
60.) Do you think someone is cool?: alangan namang no one!!
61.) Do they know?: I always let them know :)
62.) Do you have a bf/gf?: nope

-------EXTRAS ------
63) Do you have your license?: yup, never used it tho.
64.) What book are you reading now?: All I really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
65.) Nicknames: Jac, Mulan, Ting
66.) Hair Color: reddish black
67.) Height: 5'6"
68.) Pets: a cat named Bilog and her kittens (again???)
69.) Siblings: Achi Beya, Bro Allan, Siobe Wanwan
70.) Have you ever been so drunk you didn't remember that you were drunk?: never
71.) Taken any illegal substances: never
72.) Gone out in public in your pajamas: yep
73.) Played ding-dong-ditch?: never
74.) Streaked?: never
75.) Kept a secret from everyone: yep
77) Did something illiegal?: yep
78) Did you get caught?: never
79.) Gotten arrested?: never
80.) Gotten a ticket for something?: never
81.) Stalk someone?: only if they want me to ;)
82) Prank called someone: never

--------IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS ---------
90.) Cried: nope.
92.) Worn a skirt: yep. to the play.
93.) Been mean: nope
95.) Talked to someone you have a crush on: yep.
96.) Hugged someone: lotsa people
98.) Got in an argument with your best friend: no, just serious talk.
99.) Laughed until you cried: nope
100.) Played Truth or Dare: nope
101.) Watched a sunrise/sunset: nope
102.) Went to the beach at night: never got to a beach
103.) Spent quality time alone: yep. NOX!!!

------------ RANDOM ------------
104 ) Are you bored: nope
105.) Are you lonely: nope
106.) Are you happy: yep
107 ) Do you drink: nowadays no
108.) Do you smoke?: never
110.) Who named you?: my... mom? not sure.
111.) When was the last time you showered?: it's 7am, will shower right after this.
112.) What color pants do you have on right now?: no pants ;)
113.) What song are you listening to right now?: silence
114.) What color is your shirt?: no shirt ;)
117.) What are the last 4 digits in your phone #?: 8902
118 ) Are you eating anything?: nope
119.) How's the weather right now?: fine
120.) What did you do last night?: play with mikko
121.) How are you today?: ok :)
122.) What makes you sad?: no money
123.) What makes you happy?: paying gigs
124.) What makes you mad?: bullies
125.) What do you want to be when you grow up?: rich
126.) What are you doing tomorrow?: move to makati
129.) Fave girls perfume?: anything strawberry
130.) Fave guys cologne?: a clean guy's scent can turn me on
131.) Do you like the guy or the girl to make the first move?: guy
132.) Are you too shy to ask someone out?: nope
134.) If you could change your name what would it be?: Jac Ting Lim
135.) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nope
136.) What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?: marami :)
137.) What will your first son's name be?: jacob? mag-aanak pa ako??
138.) Your daughters?: bakit daughters marami? nilca, i guess
139.) Favorite drink?: San Pablo water
140.) Are you a flirt?: They say I am.

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