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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Quiz Me
Jac Ting Lim was
a Shy Acrobat
in a past life.

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Yesterday I went to Makati to meet with a friend to look for a room-for-rent that we can share. I got hired to work in Makati. She also works in Makati and told me she's looking for a roommate. We had brunch in Mcdo discussing about the rooms we'll check out, the areas, and the ceiling price. We're both glad to agree on our ceiling price :) And off we went on a quest to look for a decent, safe, affordable room we could share!

We first went to Santillan and the first place we checked out (she has a few leads because she's been looking for a place for two months now. Wow! She's very efficient :) actually looks the most promising. If we don't find a better place before Nov 30 I'm putting my money down on that one :) I start work dec 1. Thanks for the congrats dady Az!

She and I talked a lot about our lives, families and other stuff and I've said "I'm getting creeped out" a few times because we have so many parallelisms, but I'm mostly amused at how I could relate to her. I really hope this roomie thing works out :)

After that we parted ways and I went on to my future office to meet the employees. The office is very new and very... 'spacious' (as derrick puts it). but the place is cool, and it has dsl! and Sir Danny (my contact) is the coolest! He's the one who hired me after interviewing me by chat and gave me tests I submitted online :)

i went to megamall after to meet with mom and wanwan. i had my works photocopied to be submitted to dady Az by having them picked up at Comic Quest (my thanks to Mike Simbulan and Raquel!). I also dropped off Tintin no da's vcd's and heavy metal so she can get them back na :) Az texted me later saying he picked them up na! Whee! So nice! Then my fam and I went home :)

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